Sunday, September 8, 2013

"You're a Pain in the Ass"

It's September. It's Fashion Week. I'm a few weeks into the full time program at FIT. I'm freelancing to eat.  I'm debating my future. I'm antsy. I want to start designing NOW. I know I can. But as far as working in the industry, I definitely need this semester to fully educate myself. Next semester will be working and taking the last of my classes. I love my classes.
I'm really happy I did this program. Once I'm actually doing to support myself, it I'll feel great.
Right now, the packed schedule is overwhelming. I'm with my family this weekend. I love them to shreds. More than once this weekend, I've contemplated starting a swimwear line to be close to them.
There've been many posts about a move to Texas. It's up in the air. It could or couldn't happen. There seem to be many paths opening up for me.

I always imagined myself a specific sort of woman. A successful career woman. I admire the likes of DVF, Chanel, Carolina Herrera not only for the clothes they made, but for the empire they've built. I've always thought on the grand scale. I've always wanted big and imagined myself creating something big. I once freelanced for this woman that worked at DVF for years and she told me once, "you're a pain in the ass- but its because you're good."

To me the most frustrating thing about school is the fact that there are no business classes in the curriculum. In order to achieve these grand levels, there have to be investors. There have to be financial support. They don't teach you how to get the money to do what you want to do. I need this. I know its possible to achieve all of this. I don't settle for mediocracy. Its not how I roll.