Sunday, June 5, 2022

8 years.. and the biggest "What I Do for Love" decision to date.

8 years.... EIGHT years... 

My life has taken a few turbulent rides since my last post. If I try to summarize it would be something along the lines of—

I fell in love, studied fashion, had a terrible breakup, pursued fashion, fell in love again, moved to NEW JERSEY (THIS was a big one) and started my own clothing line. I got married. I started studying jazz again.
A global pandemic hit.
I continued jazz and got a job at a very well known company.
I had a beautiful baby girl.
And now with pleasure and trepidation, I'm going to turn down the biggest job offer of my life to full time pursue music and my design clients. The highest salary and title I've ever been offered. I cried the night I was given to me — a clear sign. Tears of... knowing what I had to do... saying goodbye to security for the time being.... turning down large amounts of money... fear of being broke again...  feel I'm going to fail again at my creative pursuits..

Though today, I watched a video on a woman discussing the phrase "What would you do if you couldn't fail." and she wanted to rephrase it as "what would you do if nobody laughed at you". You know what I would do? SING. Sing everywhere. On every street corner. In the hallways, bathrooms upside-down, inside-out. 

So that's what I'm going to do . SING.

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