Thursday, July 22, 2010

chauvinism Improv style

I have one of the funnest Improv classes. Its 101 beginner.
For the first time since we started class we had an all girl group get up there- unintentionally.

So of course we ask for a suggestion and the guys immediately say- CHAUVINISM!

and I got up and did a monologue of my last post. All of the guys, I'm happy to say, were shocked too and one guy even said 'you go girl!' hahahah

The skits were hilarious.
One of which was 'forming and all girls club' - lines 'do we have to wear bras?' 'we will on the days we have dates' 'oh great bc I'm broke' ' broke?' , 'um, hello thats why I'm always on a date! duh!'

Next skit- two girls playing two guys
'Man I hate paying for stuff..' 'lets dress up as chicks' 'cool as long as I get sequins'
and the scenes went on....

Graduation improv show is this Saturday at noon!

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