Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next to Inaugural Post part 1

I wanted to have my first post be a good solid summary of why I started a blog, but if anybody knows me, when something inspires me, I can't ignore it.
So-let the second be the first or the first be the second!

My purpose is to document my entire existence in not only pursuing my dream of being on stage but the daily toils and troubles that come with just being a Florida girl moving to New York in general. I was heavily into design and photography in Miami and my camera broke right before moving here. I purchased an iphone and it helped but beyond that I kept no diary and regret it.

Moving here alone is a 13 year dream in the making.
My first trip when I was 15 for a dance convention and I've always looked back since.

It's been a year and a half of firsts which would be impossible to document in one post but just so you get an idea....

first time I experienced snow (that I have memory of)
first time I got lost in 18 degree weather in Harlem at 4am (more on that later)
first time I went to a bar and was chatted up by a  porn director (no thanks buddy)
first male roommate (dirty dishes in the fridge- really?? gross)

you get the picture. I'll slowly dabble firsts into my blogs as they come to me.

Otherwise, I'm excited to take account of my life and share it with whoever decides to read and see whats going on lately. This has been an incredible experience for me
thus far and hopefully it'll keep getting better!

Have a great day!


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