Friday, April 15, 2011

'I said Change will do you good'

The first,
I had an amazing voice lesson yesterday.
We all know of my recent decisions to pursue film and commercials rather than theatre and to continue singing on my own. I had to tell my voice coach bc our regimen would have to be altered. Right when I walked in he said 'Talk to me'. The funny thing is, when I got fired and couldn't afford to pay for lessons he wrote me this very nice message on FB:

"You've got something unique to share with the world, I know you do, so whenever you want to get started again I'm totally up for it. Why don't you listen to tons of jazz and some cabaret and some cesaria evoria and fool around with that vocally while you have some downtime?"

At that point I had not mentioned anything to him about my change of focus. So its funny. He said that,  and since then I got hired at a jazz club and I'm dating a composer. Its all very weird but feels right.
So anyhow, we decided to just go through his book of standards and choose songs I know off the bat. After the first song, he stops, looks at me and says 'thats the best I've ever heard you sing'. We continued and throughout the lesson he told me that maybe with Broadway and show tunes I feel like I have to perform and stand out whereas with singing classics I'm more relaxed. He said my technique and quality are were on key the whole time. Maybe I just put too much pressure on myself to be something I'm not. To learn a craft and a style that I'm wasn't born to do. Although if I approach Broadway how I sing jazz it would work much more in my favor.

I left the lesson feeling at peace. Like the path ahead of me was changing. It was a beautiful NYC day, warm sunny and I called mom to tell her. She of course was a 'i could have told you that' attitude but I just wanted her to listen. She sounded happy for me. 

composer asked me to be his lady. Scary but exciting :) 
and he reads this so I'm not going to elaborate much. haha.

I decided to paint something for my living room using Luis's method. 
It uses the effects of nature, rain, landscape and movement. My colors are vermillion and magenta. Pictures to follow.

I'm sure there's more but I have to jump in the shower to meet the short film director to re-record the voiceover for it. 

It's not so bad.



  1. a composer...kinda forgot to mention that the last time we spoke prima!!! jejeje Love you lots :)

  2. So, his name is "composer?" Well, hello mister "composer." If you are reading this, know I am the protective older sister. BE VERY NICE TO HER OR ELSE. BWAHAHAHAHA