Thursday, April 21, 2011

mother vs daughter

My mother and I couldn't be more different.
She was ruled with an iron fist and tried to do the same with us. She wishes that I were more like her in my life endeavors. Unfortunately, the 50% free-spirited father side of me as well as I'd say 25% of her artistic side drive my life.
She lives life according to rules and I live according to my own.
I have made mistakes. I have learned. But the one thing that will never change is my open-mindedness. I'll accept a person for who they are. I've learned people can't change unless they themselves want to. She on the other hand will guilt trip and push you into changing Mussolini-style and frankly, the world just doesn't work like that.
I had a huge argument with her today.
And what she doesn't realize she's doing is pushing me away.
She's going to have to live with my life decisions bc it's clear she doesn't know what makes me happy. If making myself happy makes her miserable thats something I'm not willing to hear about the rest of my life and unfortunately it'll result in sparing her the details of those happy things until she learns to accept my decisions.
exhibit a: she still doesn't support my acting career. I hear about it all the time.
I really really hope to never put my daughter through these situations.

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