Friday, May 20, 2011

Acting as a Business

I think the biggest thing I've been lacking in my two years here is facing Acting as a Business professional. Its honestly due to lack of knowledge, know-how and really, confidence.

But all that has changed. I feel ready. I wake up everyday and think, ok what can I do today, whether its research more casting directors, make contact lists, paint the envelopes in which I send my postcards, etc.. Lately, with the help and inspiration of my roommate Chris, I've been on the ball. I've absorbed what he's learned in his online class and applied it to my strides.
I don't want to go into another industry without fully having made efforts in this one.
They say you get out what you put in.
Its worked in the past and I hope it keeps working as such.

Do you think these will get their attention?

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