Monday, May 2, 2011

Rest and ..What?!

This weekend, the surprise Bachelorette of the century was incredible.

It did involve ridiculous amounts of alcohol and sunshine. Embarkation Day was fantastic. We arrive, everyone is antsy for all the members of the party to get there. We arrange for the band to allow us to get on stage and sing Courtney the song that was written for her by some of the girls. As she's coming down the stairs, 25 women from her life are chanting announcing her wedding plans, how excited we are to be there, and that Courtney wet her pants. Her face was in permanent smile shock for at least another hour. The party continues by the pool. Everyone is dancing and now I'm a little blurry bc there were definitely wacky events every evening; from boobs at the bar to Courtney doing yoga positions in her bikini with balloons tied to her breasts and a blow up scrotum underneath her to random dance parties in front of the elevator by the guitar man and the whole crew lifting Courtney up and parading her like she was Cleopatra. She was indeed Cleopatra, a drunken Irish one, the Belle of the Ball, the most popular girl on ship, even the Cruise Director asked where she was after we left the ship to make sure she survived in one piece.

Day two was spent on Great Stirrup Cay, NCL's private island. Here is where I got fried. It was beautiful, perfect, exactly what I needed. Ugh I can still taste the rummy Piña coladas and smell the salty caribbean. I bought some gifts for people on my way out. We came home, showered, changed, dined, I had a heart to heart with Mrs Main over dinner then the festivities continued over drinks by the pool. At this point, Courtney is pouring beers over her head and my drunken thought process was 'I'm buying champagne for her to pour over her head'. silly Frances. It was the worst champagne ever. All this drinking and I'm not sure how but I didn't wake up hung over any of the nights. weird.

By day three I was done. I had to take a break and NOT go with the group to Señor Frogs. It was just too much. My body was craving sobriety. So instead Ashley, Colleen and I walked around the island looking at the markets. We returned to eat, I went for a jog, laid out, wrote some more of my business plan then joined the group at the pool when they returned from bar. Later that evening the cruise was hosting a 2 for 1martini special so we dolled ourselves up and headed there before dinner. Ashley and I checked out the comedian then joined the crew for one last night of drunken debauchery.

One moment of Note: One of Courtney's aunts is apparently an actors muse. Apparently, people who meet her get big. She mentioned a couple of actors that are now famous, I of course can't remember now. She told me I'm on my way and to keep pushing.

I don't think I could have had better roommates. Colleen got a little too shitfaced and started saying stuff like, 'Frances and I used to hate each other in high school' I'm like, Colleen, I never hated you' LOL oops. Oh well people get drunk and talk way more than they should and she was one of them throughout the whole weekend. Ashley and I were on the same page.  Our bedtime clock was in sync, our wakeup/breakfast clock was in sync, and at the end of the trip, our anti-group outing stuff was in sync.
I think we understood each other more by the end of the trip.
We're both pretty independent and not the biggest social butterflies when a group is that massive to talk to. I regretted not having booked a snorkeling excursion. I'm super bummed but its fine because I did enjoy myself that day and relaxed.

Overall the trip was a great success.
I miss my New York world and the people in it. Really its just the people.
and my bed.

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