Thursday, July 26, 2012

New York University

A second ago I realized that next January I will have been in NY for 4 years.
4 Years.
Thats the duration of an entire university education (if you don't take 5 years like I did :) haha)
NY has been an education. I've learned more in these (almost) 4 years than I did in school. Its the school of hard knocks.
You learn to roll with the punches. Nothing surprises you. You learn to be prepared for anything that can go wrong. Lots of tough guys, lots of rejection.
But all of that makes the reward so much sweeter when you succeed.

Go Big or go Home.

I am home.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scat a tat tat

I  signed up for a Jazz workshop class at the New York Jazz academy recently. In two hours I not only refreshed a load of music theory I hadn't addressed in YEARS, but I was also challenged to perform a new song (one we just learned in class) on a mic, n front of the class, and, for the first time, scat. 
The teacher was super nice and told me that she'd alternate phrasing with me the third time around. At the end she told me 'awesome!' 
Yay. sigh.  
And since then I've approached songs I listen to regularly with the 'be-dah-be-dah-be-dah' exercise and its amazing how my head just gets lost in all the other instruments and I have no idea what will come out of my voice. Maybe its my ADD. LOL
Regardless, I'm so glad ONE class opened up this hypothetical door. 
The sky's the limit from here boys! :)

My favorite Scat-a-licious diva herself
Miss Ella