Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"The day you stop learning is the day you die".

Yup. That pretty much sums it all up for me. I don't think I'll ever be stagnant when it comes to knowledge. It reminds me of my late grandfather. I have memories of him at 83, in his dusty office reading books like 'Computers for dummies' or 'Windows for dummies'. He was always in the know about everything and wanting to learn.
Now, I will say I'm not super intrigued by technology but more about specific things in life, like music, fashion, etc..... and I'll always want to know more and continue applying it to whatever job it is I have at the moment. I'll take an opportunity and run with hopes that eventually one of them will turn into the fabulous career and life I imagine myself having.
I may not be rich in wealth, but I strive to be a millionaire with knowledge.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hokey Pokey

Call me crazy but I'm kind of looking forward to returning to New York without a job.
Solely for the fact that- Ill have so much time on my hands and be able to dedicate it to my craft. ...
And do what I love..
Because that's what it all about!


Its funny how things work around here.
I lost my job, I've reached out to people, I landed an interview then I get a call from my entertainment manager for an audition for Chicago the Musical for Royal Caribbean Cruiselines. The audition of course is the morning I fly back to New York. There's no way I could make it.
So what do I do? I haven't danced in forever. I haven't practiced voice in a while and I would have to completely change my flight in order to make it. Most people would say 'No are you crazy?' But Chicago is the basis of my dream of performing.
I always wanted to be Velma Kelly.
Therein lies the problem. I guess the question is: How bad do I want it and will I be able to prepare enough to make the casting directors to notice me? And whats the cost of changing my flight?
If I got the job it'd be a great opportunity. But it also means that the life I'm creating now with Adam would be put on hold at least for another year.
I honestly think I'm not in performing shape to go out there. If I were in NY, I would absolutely go, take some jazz classes, maybe have a voice session to prepare. But the fact is, I'll still be here.

Which leads me to another thought. Is it a sign?  Is the fact that I'm not turning my world upside down to get to a coveted audition a sign that the industry is not as important to me? Or does it mean I just prefer the less stress way of life? It kind of reminds me of something I noticed last year- EVERYTIME I TRAVEL I get an awesome audition or cast in a commercial I cannot attend.
I guess I'll add this one to the list-(of signs?)