Saturday, November 10, 2012


Its funny how things work around here.
I lost my job, I've reached out to people, I landed an interview then I get a call from my entertainment manager for an audition for Chicago the Musical for Royal Caribbean Cruiselines. The audition of course is the morning I fly back to New York. There's no way I could make it.
So what do I do? I haven't danced in forever. I haven't practiced voice in a while and I would have to completely change my flight in order to make it. Most people would say 'No are you crazy?' But Chicago is the basis of my dream of performing.
I always wanted to be Velma Kelly.
Therein lies the problem. I guess the question is: How bad do I want it and will I be able to prepare enough to make the casting directors to notice me? And whats the cost of changing my flight?
If I got the job it'd be a great opportunity. But it also means that the life I'm creating now with Adam would be put on hold at least for another year.
I honestly think I'm not in performing shape to go out there. If I were in NY, I would absolutely go, take some jazz classes, maybe have a voice session to prepare. But the fact is, I'll still be here.

Which leads me to another thought. Is it a sign?  Is the fact that I'm not turning my world upside down to get to a coveted audition a sign that the industry is not as important to me? Or does it mean I just prefer the less stress way of life? It kind of reminds me of something I noticed last year- EVERYTIME I TRAVEL I get an awesome audition or cast in a commercial I cannot attend.
I guess I'll add this one to the list-(of signs?)

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