Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Blog: meet your namesake

I wanted to start this blog to try document the daily good stuff and crap that I went through to get to my ultimate happy place.
But I couldn't think of a freaking name for the longest time. An example I thought of sugarsaltpepper, an ode to an actors journey... but surprisingly, it was taken. 'for the love of' was also taken. I wanted a play on 'love' because that is ultimately what I preach to everyone. You have to do what you love to be fulfilled. stil no luck with the name.
Then, on the flight to Tampa for Aeden and Sophia's baptism I was listening to the Broadway channel on the radio (of course) and 'What I did for love' came on. This song is from Chorus line, one of the shows I worked on in Miami. Eureka!
I switched the tense of the phrase because it's my present state, not past. When I look back in 40 years hopefully it'll be something wonderful to look back on, and hopefully it'll have all paid off.

I'm a total Gleek.
And this morning I watched the season premiere on
and it made me cry. again.  as Glee always does bc I'm a nut.
It's a beautiful song.

Here's the link and fast forward to around the 40 minute mark...

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