Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Balls of Fire!

I may complain endlessly about the hospitality industry. But last night was one of those nights that I thanked God for being exactly where I am.

I work at BBKing Blues club on the weekends. We have headliners and newbies coming through our stage and every once in a while a legend will pass through. Etta James, Al Green and so on...

Last  night, Jerry Lee Lewis performed.
Jerry Lee Lewis. He was amazing. The man could barely walk but the way he tore apart that piano with his boney old man hands was incredible.
He sang all his classics and the room was roaring with 'Great balls of fire'.
I had a moment where I just watched him in awe. This man doesn't need to perform. But it looks like he'll do it to the day he dies.  You could tell he fed off the audience. His smile was intoxicating.
I would totally have had a crush on him in the 50's. :)

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