Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a freakin week!!

Fall is here technically.
I'm tired all the time. I started the week finishing my workweek of two latenight shifts(working til 5am) and a double shift Monday starting at noon and not ending til 3am Tuesday. I blamed the weather change but in retrospect, that's probably why I'm so tired. I was fortunate enough to have the rest of he week off until Thursday. I was unfortunate enough to get sent home Thursday and Saturday bc it was so dead. Thank god last week was great monetarily.

Anyway, enough of that stuff- let's get to the fun stuff!!!!

Wednesday night I hung out with my friend Jenn and my new best gay friend Evan. We saw the Beautiful girls concert in my old neighborhood Williamsburg, drank the local beers and the local whisky. Don't remember eating the pizza that was left on my couch. LOL

Thursday, Walter invited me to a screening of his bosses short film. It was good and nice hanging out with industry people. At the same time you realize who these people are all just artists and creatives who just want to make it- real people and just bc they are on a television it all seems so glamorous. But they were completely normal and cool. The lead actor even smelled like the hippies that used to hang out at my friends house.
Normal. Except Walters boss of course who have thier own fortunate situation and who when I was introduced to the power couple they just stared at me. It was a good stare. Like, oh so this is who Walter dated. Hmmm... I made the extra effort to look supercute so at least I made a good impression for him. and myself hopefully.
We went to my favorite dinner spot in the area.the spotted pig. I won't even begin to rave about their brown butter sage gnudi. Amazing but they changed the recipe to have pesto. still good but the other was better.
The night turned sour and I went home.

Friday was a new day!
I booked a design gig with my friend. Worked on it all day.
Participated in Fashion night out which is a huge citywide event that stores stay open until late and host with wine and champagne. And dancing. My partner in fashion crime, Monica, and I strolled around SoHo saw the Marc Jacobs accessories truck, bought some Gardenia scented body oil at Bloomies and savored the Apple Cosmo martinis at Foley &  Corrina. My friend manages that boutique and introduced me to Chief marketing manager who will hopefully let me intern and show him my design chops.

Saturday was a double shift in which I was sent home from both restaurants bc it was so slow.
Let's just say I'm really hoping the designs for my friend Bryan will take off and he'll hold onto me through elections.
Between the two shifts I visited my friend Carina that will be leaving back home to Brazil. She is such a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and I wish her the very best doing Broadway for Brazil. That's the one downside about NY- you meet great people then they leave. She is one of those people who touch the hearts of everyone she meets and you know she has the brightest of futures ahead of her.

And now- football season is on is way.
I say goodbye to my fanatic friends around the country for the couple months, and join those here in my little town of Manhattan.
Go Jets, Tampa and Jags!

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