Monday, November 15, 2010

can't stop, won't stop

On Facebook today, I wrote as my status 'I must say, I am happy'.
and it made me more happy that so many people responded and 'like'-ed my status.

I'm at a point where I realize that, well, I CAN have everything. I can do it. I'm surrounding myself with positive people and making positive and productive career choices. The biggest notion I need to remind myself is that I can't stop. I need to just power through the remainder of this year.

My apartment is great, my roommates are great. I love being surrounded by music theater artists. I'm one of those people that has a song in their head all day every day even when I go to bed.
So I was rearranging my room and a song popped into my head so naturally I started to sing a verse. Then out of nowhere chimes in Chris and sings the next line in the verse and I started laughing and Kristen chimed in too. It was hilarious. I felt united on some level.

I'm dancing again. I took ballet and hip hop last week. I'm absolutely enchanted. I refuse to get a gym membership so that I force myself to go everyday until I feel competitive again.
I picked up on it quickly and hopefully I'll continue to do so in the more advanced levels.

The only thing raining on my parade a little bit is work. Its drama all over again.
 The only thing I can depend on is how un-dependable it is. I guess its the nature of the game..

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