Thursday, February 10, 2011

I hit the wall

Not literally. Figuratively.
I went out last night, overdid it and woke up in such a funk I called Walter and started crying. I told him I felt useless, like I have no direction and no control over any of it. I don't want to work at a restaurant anymore. I'm over the hours and want to make use of my brain and talents.
He was very nice and motivating trying to get me out of it but then of course I spoke to my dad and spilled my guts about getting fired (I didn't tell my family) and my boy problems and again, the waterworks came. I was so drained I slept for another 4 hours waking up at 4 this afternoon like a crackhead.
and no I don't smoke crack.

After my nap, I felt 1000x better.
I ate, and got myself out of the house in order to study for my tests at the new restaurant.
I drank my starbucks and made flashcards out of the 20 burger recipes we have.
I had to change my perspective from 'I don't want to work at this restaurant' to 'I need this restaurant right now until something better comes around so I can't mess it up'.
I joined a gym.
I'm starting to refocus and get back on the motivated wagon.
and make wiser decisions.

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