Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm 29. Yay!
I think.
I mean, age is obviously one of those things you can't escape but I truly believe your attitude towards life as well as health can prevent you from premature aging. hah.
I don't have harsh feelings towards aging. It may just be a sensitive subject being that I've thrown myself in an industry where a. it matters, and b. it can be a long road before you deem rewards for your efforts. I'm definitely not in the place where I feel my successes match.  In fact, I think they've slowed down, or rather, admittedly, my efforts have as well. Well thats not entirely true. I audition quite a bit, its getting cast that's slowed down. Its confusing. And you're not supposed to let it get to you. But I' not getting any younger and thats worries me. I can't fuck around anymore. I don't think I have been fucking around. My efforts have been entirely to keep my life financially secure these past months and I was cast in a few films and a show. sigh. Ok its not so terrible. I am working. Its just not paid work. I guess thats not the success I'm looking for. (I have amazing stories though)
I need to figure out what efforts need to be made in order to get where I want and with whom.
Some have said take classes with casting directors so they see your work. Other say just submit for as many films as possible. Others say market the hell out of yourself sending letters, postcards, one sheets to those you want to be cast with. Then there are also those who say to gain attention, do it yourself. I've had two friends who have successfully produced and starred in  their own shows. My interest would be to produce film.
Now, all of this takes money obviously. Gabi has been pushing me to write the business plan for the campaign I'd like to produce. She claims, and I believe her, that it'll be huge. I'll probably be able to support myself for quite some time and maybe even start my own company where I can produce and star in my own shoots. I know I can do it but I've never written a plan before. I have no idea how to start up a company and pitch it to major major clients. She says she'll help me. What I need is to focus. I've been reading a book on strategy while at the gym. It's a pretty awesome book but what is it that's held me back?
Whats stopping me from jumping?

Good stuff

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