Saturday, November 12, 2011

Realization, Revitalization and Nourishment

So for the longest time I've had the crazy internal conflict between acting and design. Its mostly due to the thought of how can I be successful if I don't give one of them my all? It'd really eat me up inside because I always thought I HAD to choose and for three years I've been in a cloud of what ifs and torn up inside of leaving my performance craft bc of my lack of a 401k and benefits.
Then recently I realized I need to just see myself as an artist. I create. By performing I create emotions. By drawing I create something physically beautiful. By designing I'm solving visual problems creatively. But ultimately, I create and seeing myself as an artist that inhabits many talents took a huge load off my shoulders. Now I have no limitations. I should surround myself with those that do the same. I should continue networking and engage in conversation with people I wouldn't think to, nurture those relationships and continue the collaborations.
I'm thinking of taking up synchronized swimming on Wednesday nights. I want to draw humans. I'm creating a lyric book.
go go go go go go go go

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