Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New York is my boyfriend

I found that saying appropriate for my last few months .... My actual boyfriend don't like it- NY is the only thing keeping us apart. 
Nonetheless I was accepted into the program and recently found out that I can't graduate until next spring. I was pretty upset. I had mentally put myself in the 'leaving NY' position. It was such a long winter I was really excited ( looking on the bright side) of moving to Dallas. 
It really just makes me wonder why things like this keep happening. Something beyond our control keeps preventing us from being together. Is it a test of our love? Or a sign we shouldn't be together?
I can't express to you how much I still don't care for Dallas. It's not bad at all. Theres a small pocket of  emerging food culture comparable to  the likes of unpretentious Brooklyn that I'm fond of. In fact, thats where we'll live. It's just not great. I'm attracted to greatness, and cities with proven opportunity. I can't help it. On top of that, EVERYONE tells me they don't see me there. I too, don't see myself there but I feel I have to give it a chance regardless. 
What would I do if I weren't with him? Get a fashion design job in California. 

What I do for love right?

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