Thursday, July 22, 2010


I recently stopped dating someone because he completely dumbfounded me at how crude, rude and disgusting he can be as a defense mechanism. (he was the sweetest gentleman to start) Short of going into stories, we were around his friends and I didn't feel like being affectionate bc I was already turned off by something that happened another night. Not only did he completely disregard that I'm a lady, please help if I'm carrying a 50 lb bag walking around the streets of Manhattan all night,  something his friend noted as well (he only did it 'if it would make me move faster'), he apparently thought it would turn me on to tell me, in front of his friends, what his 'plans' were for me that night by using a popular peace sign to mouth gesture and completely embarrass the hell out of me.
He went home alone that night.
Who raises boys like this?


  1. What a moron! You deserve so much better.

  2. Good Girl, Frances Marie. lol.
    We all see these 'red flags', but the older we get we must force ourselves to accept them sooner than later rather than sticking around for whatever reason we trick ourselves into.
    OMG, let's write a book. lol.