Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here we go again........

I have the uncanny ability to be screwed over by my landlords.

My first sublet, the guy spent my deposit and had nothing to give me when I moved out. I threatened a lawsuit and he arranged a payment plan with me in order to pay me back- it took 6 months....

the next apt I moved into was with a co-worker. 4 months into it we received about 30 eviction notices. I'm not exaggerating at all. The mail man was pissed bc he had to scan every single one of them with our signatures. Apparently the management company was selling the property and ordered us out. My coworker told our other roommate that she was getting a lawyer and that he could stay, she also noted 'don't tell Fran'.
Not cool. I had never done anything to her ever.

And now,
I've been waiting to move into a 2br apts in our building that is being renovated. I was originally told it was going to be $1500-1750.
September 29th, I'm told the rent is going to be $2000+.
The last day of the month? really? Why on earth would I stick around for an apt that I am not interested in anymore?
Not only that I have a roommate that was supposed to move in with me and she's screwed too...


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