Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm not into porn at all, I always just found it a waste of time. But of course thats just me. I was in my improv class and youPorn was thrown out and I was the only person to say 'whats Uporn?!?' thinking it was some sort of weird website, and of  course, later I was condescendingly explained to, it's a youtube sort of site where people , you know, 'porn' and whatnot. (my response ' wow, sorry i'm not a freak!' ) I still haven't gone. I'm still not interested. But what I have stumbled upon, 15 years so late it seems, is REAL SEX on HBO. wow. so interesting. and not in the turn me on kind of way-not that I'd ever mention that anyway but, Literally, Information. facts, here and there. The crazy part is I remember I heard about this stuff when I was much younger and of course ignored it being the child that I was but now I'm completely like, wow, that's so interesting that kamasutra classes exist and how freaking wierd would it be to attend on of those with 15 couples getting it on, making all sorts of noises around you. mmmm no. I don't think I'd ever be comfortable with that. but i might admire those who are free enough to do so.... enjoy!

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  1. What the hell? Uporn? Never heard of it either. Guess I better get out of the shell I am living in. Uhm, nevermind, I think I like my shell. hahaha