Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motivation station

I got home, a little depressed because I wasn't ready to mentally get into NY mode. Waiting for  me was an unassembled desk, chair and bookcase. While in Miami, I couldn't wait to get home. It was a symbol for me. I think I can't mentally get in work mode unless I have a workspace setup. Its weird, but that's how my mind works. I used to want my room to be as calm and relaxing as possible. and it worked, completely. I was so relaxed that I became inefficient.
So I arrived and immediately, without unpacking my bags, started to assemble the furniture. It felt good, productive, kind of a foreshadowing of what I want my life to become.
I also felt, with the recent decision of film only, that I should look for a full-time job. Since film and commercials are more flexible and only consist of a few days of filming, I can work around it while still maintaining some professional status. I'm not giving up the dream. I see it as a new strategy.
SO now the question is, what sort of full-time job should I approach. The thought of working for someone else, under someone else sounds awful. And where do I start? I've wanted to pursue fashion and maybe continue design and the common sense melding of the two could be textile design. Yet, where do I start? and how do I approach it without sacrificing my film?
I felt lost.
Then I remembered the campaign I've been wanting to start. And I realized this is the ticket I need. I'll be working for myself, hopefully with the funding/help of big companies. It could lead to other things. I have tons of ideas, I just need to put them on paper.
Cue the new workstation and I've already done tons of research and found lots of articles on nonprofits, criticism, information that I need to meld my proposal into one. I think if I go ahead and design the look of everything including the prposal, it'll make more sense where I need to plug in information for the pages.
ok enough banter I have research to do.


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