Sunday, May 15, 2011

Opening weekend reviews..

Ok these aren't official but they are what people have told me this weekend. So I guess that makes it official?  :)
Random man: great job out there!
Little girl: 'You were great!'
Gabi: You're doing so well!
Alex: 'Great job!'
Monica: 'You're voice was so good tonight! I must take lessons. And now I can't get ByeByebirdie out of my head'
Jim from Fiorello whispered: 'You should have been Rosie'
Tommy (Mr. McAfee): You girls (Brynn, Shannon and myself) light up the stage every time you get up there!

I bitch and moan but I do love it come showtime.
And for the record, I think we have a fantastic Rose. I was flattered for him to think I was capable to lead.
I've a newfound confidence with my voice in this show.


  1. The show was super and I have to tell you my heart almost stop. ps I love the tatoo!

  2. Oh Geez my pants must have been falling down. LOL

  3. Apparently Tommy is playing my role now? Guess I don't need to be there on Thursday! Have a good rest of the run :)

  4. Oh shit! Hahaha I clearly didn't even realize. editing now. LOL

  5. Ahh, dangit.. guess I have to show up on Thursday, now.

  6. Wow. So messed up. For the sake of peace and quiet at the show I'm gonna refrain from saying what I really wanted to say about this.

  7. Well Whispering Eye you certainly aren't trying to avoid drama by that last comment. I'm not sure who you are but I think its interesting you are following my personal Blog where I can rant and rave on any subject. And you clearly took whatever was said here in the wrong light. Please keep your negativity to yourself, for the sake of peace and quiet at the show.

  8. Maybe Whispering Eye needs be public and not hide behind a private profile. Only cowards hide behind a wall.
    If you need to say something, it would be better addressed to the person directly on your own time, and not blasting the person on THEIR blog.
    Apparently there is some sort of jealousy towards you Frances. But it doesn't matter anyways, b/c you were the one casted for the part b/c the director liked you. Don't worry about what these haters think.