Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plane Reflections

Dear Lord here I am on a plane and I haven't written in so long and so much has happened. I've been to two moving on three weddings and spent mounds of time with family. It's been months and I must say these months have been joyous. My creative career is on track, I finished a theme song for the film 'supernaturals' and shot the intro. I shot a bunch of scenes for Alexandra Galvis's television class, I'm performing a love song at a Courtney's wedding this weekend, I'm doing research for Dan's short based on Franny and Zooey, and next week I shoot a music video. Wow that's a lot. I wish it was all paid but that will come later. What's important is I'm fulfilled. I couldn't be happier. 
I just spent time with my cousins from Texas for Beatriz's wedding and for the first time I felt someone from that side had respect for my career decision. Tio Frankie in particular made me feel like the coolest girl in school  LOL and really I just realize this life I chose is exciting. It changes all the time but as long as there is some sort of stability in there somewhere, I'm ok. 
And on a personal level, I'm in love. For some reason, I do best when I'm in love, and when it's sunny out. :) I've lost some weight, the creative juices flow and I feel good. I'm at Dizzys part-time which makes me feel less tied to anything and more free to go about my projects. I don't know why I can't commit to a solid job. I think I simply have no interest in doing so. Relationships I can, to full time jobs I'm phobic.
My mother and I got along really well in Puerto Rico. I never have her attention since the grandiose have been born and it been years since she and I had a trip ourselves. It was good to just hang out and drink and share stories with the family. She's lost a ton of weight exercising and dieting and thankfully she's still motivated to lose the other half. I'm very proud of her and hope she continues. She looks fantastic and her health has improved ten-fold. 
Goodness what else? I'll miss my grandmother. She's getting old and I when I was at the wedding I felt the urge to get married soon so she could be at the wedding. I really can't imagine her not there and it makes me sad to even think about it. Then again, my thoughts on weddings right now are absolutely just not there. I'm just now starting to build a career for myself. Well, a small wedding I could do but kids and such? No way. Anyhow, my career and getting to know Dan more are priority. Not getting married. 

Well here's to all the newlyweds, to more Acting gigs and to sheer and utter Joy.

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