Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Haircut

I've been feeling extremely boring with my overall look lately and decided its time to make a change. For years, I've sported long brown hair with layers.  A few years back I did the black hair thing and loved it but it just got too long. I felt like Cher so I chopped it off Uma Thurman-esque to grow out my own color. I love my brown color but again, I'm getting bored.
Bangs were always an option but its always been scary to me and I'm a slight commitment-phobe. I'm glad I took the plunge. Voila! I feel sassy and fun again. I wanted to go shopping for my coveted leopard cardigan asap. Its funny the psychology of a haircut. At least for women. It's probably along the lines of how women feel better if they have makeup on. No se.
So here's a before picture
(simulating the cut before I take the plunge). I must say, I'm pleased with the results.

Nicole did a great job!

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