Tuesday, August 10, 2010

excerpt from an email

'ok i'm at a weird point right now. I can't afford to live in my awesome apartment, where I've called home for a year, my beautiful little corner in this crazy city that helps me unwind, lets me cry and gets all the madness out of my head. I think I'm a little depressed about it bc I don't know where I'll be. I can't stand not having answers. It's unsettling.
Lately I've felt like throwing in the towel but I know I can't. Lately I've felt like going back to school and getting a masters in fashion. But I can't. Not if I want to pursue my dreams. I feel like this acting pursuit is such a slow process and I have the need to be productive all the time. All I do is read right now and though it fills my mind and educates me on playwrights and screenplays I need more than this. I can submit to all the roles I want but it's like my fellow actor friend says 'i didn't choose this industry, it chose me' and on a deeper note 'it chooses you', like a waiting game.
and I am so impatient.'

maybe i need more inspiration.
kate winslet should put out another deep flick.

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