Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dyslexic but a nice guy....

Something weird is going on today.
I have a great morning with my sister and Sebastian, ordering in breakfast and watching movies. I head to my voice lesson, miss my stop, hop a cab, pay with card, and arrive flustered at my lesson. I start crying when I get there(more on that in another post) yet according to Will I had one of the best lessons to date vocally. (yay!)
I leave the studio without my phone and Will finds me to return it. I have a message from a lady from my Acting studio telling me that a man found my wallet in the cab and he will leave it at his concierge at 355 Fifth ave. I'm sooo thankful he is a nice guy and returned it. BUT. but but but, 355 5th Ave doesn't exist. I'm not kidding. It really doesn't exist and I called the receptionist 5 times to make sure it was right and asking for a phone number he, of course, did not leave. Two hours pass and I decide to start canvassing the area and go into every single establishment that had a security and concierge. 2.5 hours later I walk into 366 5th ave and the security had it in an envelope. In the wallet there was a note that said "I found your Wallet in a cab, please do something nice for someone today". ;)
is this some form of half karma? Getting my wallet back and knowing a NYer has a heart? but having to run  around to the point of losing all hope because nobody, and I mean nobody, security guards, concierges, tour guides, cabs,nobody knew where this place was, to get it back? I really had to work for the good deed.
Nonetheless, my bitching aside, I am truly grateful the dyslexic man had a heart and didn't steal my wallet.

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