Wednesday, August 11, 2010

to movin on up

Some of you have reached out to me I assume over the past few blogs and I just want to say thank you. It  means a lot to me. I didn't even know half of you read my blogs. teehee :)
I also want to say that, yes, bc I don't know who reads, i tend to be more honest and a lot of times the entries are thoughts in passing or me ranting about feelings.
I think we all have bad weeks, or bad months, but life is a series of ups and downs.
and I'm bound to go up damnit, :)

Busco-me lyrics by Bebe

Soy una montaña rusa que sube que baja
que rie que calla confusa me dejo de llevá
por lo que los dias me quieran mostrar

i'm on a rollercoaster that goes up and down
that laughs and silences confused I let myself go
with the days wherever they take me

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