Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bored and impeccably dressed.

bored tired restless lonely bored unmotivated
i'm in one of those moods where commercials reaaaally annoy me.
i don't watch much television to begin with.
i have a migraine.
i need a haircut. i need my foot to heal so i can start running again.
i want to turn vegetarian, or pescetarian so i can lose weight.
i need a pedicure. i want to visit my family once a month.
i'm so used to being occupied every minute of the day that when i'm not i feel antsy.

i want to kiss someone. i'd love brownies right now. i need to act. asap.
i need to jump in. i secretly love it when glasses break at work.
i love the cold feeling of the steel of an american express blackcard on my cheeks.
i'm scared to have kids. i'm scared someone will hurt them and i won't be able to protect them.
i close my eyes and imagine myself in ten years singing my head off on stage.
i close my eyes and imagine myself in ten years impeccably dressed.
in twenty years, impeccably dressed. my children will be beautiful and educated. my husband amazing.
in thirty years, still impeccably dressed. extended family in tow.
Forty years, still in love with my husband. and impeccably dressed.

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