Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rant and rave

Its hard enough, as it is, to perform in front of anyone.
I now realize how important it is to have someone that is 100% supportive of you. Its really tough for anyone - me especially -  to get up in front of people and perform. You're so so vulnerable. And when training you are ESPECIALLY vulnerable. I am my own worst critic. I've hid behind my own facade all my life and kept myself quiet and cool. I didn't fully start training until a few years ago, decades behind the pros. I know I'm not perfect yet. I can't express how important it is, and how excited I am, to find a person that will make me feel amazing even when I'm not, will hold my hand and tell me I did great even if it wasn't my best performance. Who I can sing to and be completely silly in front of because not only do I love being silly, they'll love it too.

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