Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sniffle, snort, snot

Hospitality here is another world. Its not like any other place because 90% of the servers/bartenders are writers, actors, dancers, models or people just trying to figure out what they are doing here in NY. The other 10% are waiters-for-life. Of those 90% I'd say about 30% are the go-getters, 40% are cruisers, and the other 20% may end up waiters for life. In all honesty, I teeter between the go-getters and the cruisers. I have to keep my discipline in check all the time. There is always more I can do to better my chances of being successful. Its a full-time job and takes up every moment of your free time. My personality/social life battle this because frankly, I don't like working every minute of the day. I don't know anybody who does. But there are many times, and hopefully more, that the work pays off.

My friend and fellow co-worker Ryan auditioned for Imaginarium off-Broadway. The director liked him but didn't give him a role  but asked him to rehearse anyway. So countless unpaid rehearsals later (the rest of the cast was paid) Ryan had another opportunity, unpaid, where he would at least perform in a lead. In the middle of a night shift, waiting on a bunch of tables, he got a call from the director that wanted to cast him in the show. Off- Broadway. That is huge. Nowadays, big business had taken over a large chunk of Broadway so many amazing shows are 'Off'. So Ryan starts crying and doesn't stop. His tables are worried and ask him if he's ok. Of course Ryan has to explain, 'I just booked an off-Broadway show!! (sniffle, snort snot, etc)' and the guests are saying 'Great! aren't you happy?!?'.. 'Yes I'm super happy (sniffle snort snot)'... 'Does this mean you can quit your waiter gig?!'.... 'Nooooo it doesn't pay that much!' which then made him cry even more.
Here's to Ryan and for many more!

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  1. You're a go getter. Not a cruise. Not a teeter-er. Go getter. Go get 'er.